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Marketing Plans

The minimum initial subscription period is of 3 months for all plans and billing cycles.

Online BOOST 🔥
excl. VAT

Duration: 3 months (or more)
Goal: Boosting visibility and engagement on social media

2 feed posts p/week
3 stories p/week
Instagram & Facebook
Trending hashtags analysis
Performance insights
Content creation not provided
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Let's go VIRAL✨
excl. VAT

Duration: 3 months (or more)
Goal: Expanding reach to target and gain new customers

TikTok account creation
Crafting video content
2 weekly uploads
Video delivery
Repost on Ig + Fb
Detailed progress reports
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Reach the GOAL💎
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Duration: 3 months (or more)
Goal: Brand Awareness, Fresh Audience, Sales, Enhance Visibility

Available services:
Multiple platform management
(User-generated) content
Professional photoshoots
Expert graphic design
Ad campaign management 
Influencer collaboration
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In case you need an extra boost ;)


Community Management
excl. VAT
We manage your online community and social media platforms with a focus on brand identity and customer engagement.
Platforms: Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more
Scope: We handle all communication and interactions on your chosen platforms.
Increase sales
Enhance brand awareness
Collect customer feedback
Foster engagement
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Targeted Email Marketing
excl. VAT
We design and execute email marketing campaigns tailored to your brand's identity.
Content: Includes promotional offers and content that keeps you connected with your clients.
Enhance brand awareness
Drive sales
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User Generated Content
(starting from)
excl. VAT
We create user-generated content videos following the brand's identity and tone of voice guidelines.
Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.
Content: Lead by UGC experts.
Trending/viral content creation
On-brand tailored content
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